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Three secrets to success in any creative discipline
(Inspired by Anthony Thogmartin of Papadosio/Earthcry and various other sources I've picked up these tips from) 

1. Get Excited (Work on your mindset!)

Are you in a creative funk? Feel like you are having trouble even getting started sometimes?

Don't wait or delay and try to find inspiration! Just get yourself excited! Create a personal ritual that pumps you up, gets you excited, *before* you start working on your art.

This will enable you to put the maximum mindful energy and focus into what you are doing.

For us creative types, creating art seems to  come naturally to us when we are doing fairly well in our lives. Eg: When we are in a sound mental state and our basic needs are taken care of.

For example, if you're suffering from a lack of balance, depression/funk, other mental health issues, or just general temporary life struggles -- then it is probably not the best time to thrive and work on your art practice.

Those types of things are important tasks that need to be addressed *first* or your best self won't be present to help create the best art possible while enjoying the experience.

Focusing on those problems first, and regaining balance will put you in a positive mindset.

When your shit is finally together, or as together as it can possibly be, creating art will be something you can easily and happily jump into at any time! You can optimize all of your free time to be used in creating art.

2. Get started (Lower your expectations!)

We sometimes are perfectionists with our art. We wait until "its ready" to share it with others. We focus on the imperfections and rough edges. A way to solve this is to lower or completely remove your expectations of your work/practice output. If it can be categorized as practice vs "making a masterpiece"... you will find it easier to get started. Get excited, then remove all excuses and judgement and JUST GET STARTED. Make a micro-goal of finishing one small project. Then that snowballs into "how many of these smaller pieces can I do in a day?" Can I set a timer for one hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes and make a bunch of rapid prototype sketches of the types of final results I'm going for? 

3. Keep Practicing (Discipline)

Doing the same thing over and over again will make you great at it. Build up your discipline. Set an easy to attain goal of working on something for 30 minutes a day minimum. Maintain consistency with that. Track your daily practice/habit streak on the calendar, and try not to break it. When you do eventually break a streak, be forgiving of yourself, practice self care, and then get back in the groove when you're ready. (see #1)

(These are the core concepts behind the DailyArtShare artist community, by the way)