June 6th, 2020

Crooked Frame Art is a really small idea right now. It's my small corner of the world where I can freely express myself to the outside world. I wouldn't even call it a business at this point, its just my hobby project. I had really big goals and dreams for 2020 to start having in person group painting events, doing murals and festivals, and more. Of course, first COVID and now our current situation has put some large obstacles in front of all of us - preventing our usual gatherings of all shapes and sizes.

As a result my work on my art goals, around turning it into more of a business than a hobby has somewhat slowed. I'm using my art practice to stay sane more than anything. On the other hand, seeing what is happening as people are rising up and sharing their voice. This has made my ultimate mission clearer. I want to use my position as an artist to help heal the world.

That's why I am building a list of resources relating to recent events in America. 

I hope you can use this list to get informed, and get active!

Where to donate

Here’s Where You Can Donate to Help Protests Against Police Brutality

For more support and education resources, please spend some time doing research and donating.

Link List:

Matt Ruby: Choppers overhead and a police van on fire outside my door

Psymposia Magazine: DARE to Resist White Supremacy and The Police

NPR: A Decade Of Watching Black People Die